Saturday, December 18, 2010

Chinglish Time!

I've got a couple more pictures for you all! I'll just let you enjoy them... :)

This first one was given to Caleb, another American brother here in Xiasha. We were getting a massage and this note was handed to him. After being her for a while, we were able to understand everything except the "meah". We don't really understand that part. haha!

This is an exact translation of what they would say in Chinese. "Send it to you." Except the part that says "Merry X-max" haha!

This really means it is not a present...don't steal it. haha!

We bought this cup to keep in the bathroom. When I got it home, I realized it had Chinglish on it! Look closely...

That's all I have! I hope you enjoyed them! Thanks for reading, I love you all!


  1. for some reason im skeptical about the smartness of the materials in that encyclopedia--lee

  2. Fun and enjoyable as always ! ! !
    I love ya,

  3. I have been taking some Mayglish pictures because I love your chinglish pics so much! I haven't been able to post them yet.